5-7pm 11 October 2017
Energy Action, L10, 28 Margaret St, Sydney
By phone: 1800 896 323 participant pin 7105 1170

The AGM of IBPSA Australasia will be held 5-7pm on Wednesday 11 October 2017 at the L10 meeting room of Energy Action, 28 Margaret St Sydney and by phone conference as per the details above.  As all current Board members were elected last year for a term of 2 years, there will be no Board elections this year. The agenda for the meeting will be:

  • Review of activities undertaken in 2016-2017
    • Report from President
    • Report from Committee Chairs
  • Approval of audited accounts for 2016-2017
  • Establish activities for 2017-2018
  • General business

All IBPSA members are invited to attend and participate – please RSVP to ibpsa@ibpsa-australasia.org

Dr Paul Bannister

The 2017 seminar series continues, with Erik, Martin and Paul This is a great opportunity to network with like minded people and expand your mind!

Guest Speakers and Presentations:

Grasshopper Parametric Design Testing and Optimisation – Erik Moore, Atelier Ten
Erik will present on the parametric design testing and optimization using the latest data management tools to test design options for energy, comfort and daylight performance. What it is, how it works, and what some of the challenges are.

Lessons Learnt from Commissioning Stage – Martin McGrath, Engineering Commissioning Services
Martin will present several lessons learnt from commissioning perspective of energy efficient designs that may works or may not works in reality.


Proposed Changes to NCC Section J 2019 – Paul Bannister, Energy Action
Paul will present on the proposed technical changes to the Section J National Construction Code. Energy Action was engaged by the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) to review the current Section J and the stringency improvement for the next NCC 2019.

Event Details:
Date 27 July 2017
Time 5:30pm (6pm start) – 7 pm
Venue Norman, Disney & Young
Level 1, 60 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060

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5.30pm (6pm start) – 7pm

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Guest Speakers and Presentations

Modelling for a Net Zero Energy Facility, Tim Bush, NDY

Tim will present on an all-electric Net Zero Energy facility in Victoria and how energy modeling informed the design process. He will discuss the passive design strategies, and lighting and HVAC strategies. He will discuss how particular technologies & products were selected and how the design team worked together. Tim has been with NDY since June 2016, prior to which he was with Jacobs – initially in Melbourne managing the ESD Team, and then in Saudi Arabia for two years managing the LEED certification of five large hospitals. He has a keen interest in cutting edge technologies and integrative design solutions.

Early Stage Modelling with Grasshopper, David Mahoney, AECOM

David will talk about the use of Grasshopper parametric modelling tools, including Honeybee and Ladybug. He will discuss how they can inform early stage design, from façade and shading options to impacts on HVAC loads, daylighting and glare potential. David is a recent graduate with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a passion for renewables and energy storage. As a part of the ESD team at AECOM he has primarily been involved in delivering energy efficient and healthy indoor environment outcomes for educational buildings around Australia.

A $5 entry charge at the door will be collected to cover cost of refreshments

Location: Jacobs, Level 16, 452 Flinders Street, Melbourne

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The IBPSA News Volume 27 No 1 is now available at www.ibpsa.org

Please note, this is a special issue on climate based daylight simulation. Features include:

  • Interviews with Christoph Reinhart at MIT about ongoing projects, WELL certification and teaching sustainable design concepts and John Mardaljevic at Loughborough University about climate based daylight modelling and simulation, visual comfort and WELL certification.
  • An update about Building Simulation 2017 – find out what will happen in more detail.
  • Software news about TRSNSYS, coupling ESP-r with IEA-EBC Annex 66 occupant behaviour tool, IES VE2017, Sefaira Architecture, and a new tool from EQUA.
  • Global community news from IBPSA affiliates in Argentina, Australasia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Korea, Netherlands+Flanders. the Nordic countries, Turkey and the USA.
  • IBPSA related events, e.g. 9 conferences and other events for your diary and a new series of free webinars based on IBPSA’s first book, Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation.

5.30pm (6pm start) – 7pm

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Guest Speakers and Presentations

Daylight Simulation – Bianca Toth, Woods Bagot

Bianca will be presenting recent projects from Woods Bagot that incorporate simulation into the design process, along with a current development initiative for a customisable building performance application that she is working on in collaboration with colleagues globally.


Early Stage Simulation: Friend or Foe? – Quentin Jackson, Aurecon

All too often Environmental Modellers are reticent to undertake modelling at an early stage of a design – instead opting for a “meet the building code” approach. This results in missing the greatest opportunity for impact early on in a project, with decisions about fenestration location, shading typologies etc being bedded in very quickly without any investigation through modelling. Given we know as modellers that building performance simulation is an abstraction of reality, what is our aversion to just getting on with it and providing modelled advice to our clients? Quentin will discuss some examples of successes and missed opportunities where modelling has been used to develop a building and support the design teams decisions.

Resilient HVAC Design – Nicki Parker, AECOM

Nicki will discuss AIRAH’s approach to Resilient HVAC Design, and how the industry can use future climate projections to understand how buildings will perform throughout their intended design life. By considering peak loads, energy consumption and thermal comfort, the interaction of climate variability and building performance will be reviewed, ensuring that the spaces we design today remain comfortable and efficient in the future.


A $5 entry charge at the door will be collected to cover cost of refreshments

Location: Aurecon, Level 14, 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane

The GBCA has accredited this seminar with  2 ‘Sustainable Development’ points. It is now live on the GBCA website: http://www.gbca.org.au/cpd_courses.asp?courseId=33799&source=course-event-calendar

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