The IBPSA News Volume 23 No 1 is now available at

Features include: Update about Building Simulation 2013 (including program and keynote speeches); an introduction to Stack exchange – a proposal for a supplement to the BLDG-SIM list and an interview with its creators; part 2 of the feature article and interview with Hugo Hens, continuing the discussion about the limitations of Heat, Air and Moisture (HAM) modelling and problems encountered in practice; and many other recent and future activities of IBPSA Regional Affiliates.

The success of the Building Simulation conference held late in 2011 proved there was a demand for more information about the field. With this in mind, AIRAH, supported by IBPSA (The International Building Performance Simulation Association), is hosting the AIRAH Building Simulation Workshop in Melbourne on April 18.

To download a copy of the brochure, please click here.

Below are important details for the conference:

Venue:     Mercure Melbourne Treasury Gardens, 13 Spring Street, Melbourne.
Date:       Thursday, April 18 (8.30am – 4pm): Registration starts at 8.30am and presentations finish
at 3.30pm, with afternoon tea until 4pm.
Cost:       AIRAH member $255 (incl GST), non-member $325 (incl GST)

If you would like more information on the workshop, or would like to register to attend, please visit the website by clicking here.

IBPSA-USA would like to announce recent improvements to the BEMBook Wiki – – and would like to invite the energy modeling community to participate in this online resource. You are invited to both explore and contribute content. It is simple to edit an existing page or to create a new page.

Please check it out.

We invite you to contribute your knowledge to the wiki.

Here are a few highlights about the new, improved wiki:

  • A new menu bar and table of contents greatly improves site navigation
  • Building energy modeling training presentations are available for download
  • There is a growing body of content – though we still have a long way to go! Here are examples of a few recent contributions:
We hope that BEMBook will become the premier resource for the energy modeling community around the world – and with your help, it will!

Keep in mind that this wiki is software-independent and intended to provide general guidance regarding energy modeling concepts and practices. Promotion of specific software is not allowed! (and will be removed) BEMBooK is an acronym for Building Energy Modeling Body Of Knowledge, and as the name indicates, its purpose is to broaden the body of knowledge available to the energy modeling community in a way that helps everyone.

See this page for quick guidance on getting started:
Contact the BEMBook Wiki editorial committee at for more information.

You are also invited to join:
• IBPSA-USA (see
• This Education Committee
• The BEMBook wiki editorial committee

This announcement and invitation is from the IBPSA-USA Education Committee:
Joseph Deringer (Chair)
Ellen Franconi
Erik Kolderup (Chair, BEMBook wiki editorial committee)
Jim Dirkes (BEMBook wiki editorial committee)
Eddy Santosa (BEMBook wiki editorial committee)
Liam Buckley (BEMBook wiki editorial committee)
Greg Dobbs
Jared Higgins
Stephen Kemp

The IBPSA Board Elections have taken place and that the results have been checked and verified by Larry Degelman in his capacity as Chair of the Ad-Hoc voting committee, responsible for running the election.

The results below reflect the outcome of the worldwide votes received when the final vote was submitted on 7 September 2012. Larry has certified the results as the unaltered voting sums received from the membership at large.

The Board from September 2012 – August 2014 is as follows:

  • President: Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (Canada)
  • Vice-President: Charles “Chip” Barnaby (USA)
  • Secretary: Lori McElroy (Scotland)
  • Treasurer: Michael Wetter (USA)
  • Director-at-Large: Michel Bernier (Canada) Malcolm Cook (England) Drury “Dru” Crawley (USA) Christoph van Treeck (Germany)

As previously intimated, the board elected by this election will serve from September 2012 through August, 2014.

It is time to consider nominations for the up-coming 2013 conference in Chambery, France. The Board of IBPSA is seeking nominations for Awards to be presented at Building Simulation 2013, IBPSA’s 13th biennial conference, in Chambery, France from August 26 to 28, 2013.
We now invite nominations in the usual three categories as listed below and for each category we will require a brief CV or summary of work (relating to the appropriate category) for the nominee(s) plus the additional information outlined for each category below (Distinguished Service Award, Young Contributor Award, and Outstanding Practice).

PLEASE NOTE Nominations must be made by a third party and NOT THE NOMINEE

Nominations should be sent in the first instance to Lori McElroy as representative of the Awards Committee by a closing date of the 31st January 2013.

We would like as many nominations as possible, so please contact me to discuss a possible nomination if required.
Kind regards

Lori McElroy
Secretary IBPSA


What are IBPSA Awards?
The International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) makes three awards for outstanding work in the building performance simulation field. These awards are made on a biennial basis at each Building Simulation Conference, providing there is a qualified candidate. In order to allow the awardees time to plan to attend, it is time to consider nominations for the up-coming conference in 2013.

The three categories awarded are:

IBPSA Award for Distinguished Service to Building Simulation
This award recognizes an individual who has a distinguished record of contributions to the field of building performance simulation, over a long period. The award consists of a certificate and $500 (US).

IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor Award
This award recognizes an individual at the beginning of their career who has demonstrated potential for significant contributions to the field of building simulation. The award consists of a certificate and $500 (US).

IBPSA Outstanding Practice Award
This award recognizes and individual, group or firm, who has made significant contributions to the effective application and/or advancement of building simulation in practice. The award consists of a certificate and $US500.

Nominations for awards MUST be made by an independent third party.

Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award should include a brief CV which gives the history of involvement with building performance simulation, publications etc., and a summary of the nominee’s specific contribution to the field of building performance simulation – e.g. in the development/ contribution to development of building performance simulation tools or in furthering knowledge in the field of application of building performance simulation, etc.

Nominations for the IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor Award should include a brief CV, which gives a summary of the individual’s contributions to the field of building performance simulation, their publications etc., and an assessment of the potential for future contributions arising from the individual.

Nominations for the Outstanding Practice Award should be accompanied by a summary of the individual’s, group’s or firm’s contributions to the field of building performance simulation in practice and an assessment of the significance of these contributions.

Submission Deadline and other Details

Deadline – 31 January 2013
Submit to – Nominations should be sent in the first instance to Lori McElroy, Chair of the Awards Committee by a closing date of the 31st January 2013.