eSim Building Simulation Conference, May 1-4, 2012, Halifax, Canada They say :- ” The 2012 eSim Building Simulation Conference in Halifax, Canada is hosted by Dalhousie University and features an exciting slate of speakers, social events, workshops, and tours. Major themes include: building performance modeling, innovative technology control methods, simulations tools, and quality control approaches. We invite you to explore our new website which contains all the information . ”

The full Conference Agenda is now available here

A-1: Thermal physics in building envelopes
B-1: System design & optimization
A-2: Advanced energy storage
B-2: Residential optimization
A-3: Commercial HVAC & distribution systems
B-3: Real-world applications & performance
A-4: Heat Pumps
B-4: Case studies & policy applications
A-5: Interior & exterior building environments
B-5: Supporting building design and operation
A-6: Adaptive envelope materials
B-6: Geothermal systems


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